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Famous pastor Wesley, founder of Methodist Church was very zealous and tireless man. He was like old fashion Don Quixote, traveling all his life on his tireless horse from one town to another preaching days and nights, praying and fasting for convention of his sleepy Christian brothers Anglicans and Catholics. Once he got a dream about visiting the hell. He asked the people he met there:

- Hey brothers, are some Anglicans here?

- Of course – he got the answer. - Many of us were Anglican.

- Possibly there are also Catholics or even Baptists - he asked very curious.

- Full hell of Catholics and Baptists, especially ministers - the expected answer enjoyed heart of good pastor. He was afraid to ask, but he finally said:

- Possibly there are some Methodists?

- Of course - said the head Master of Hell smiling to Wesley with satisfaction.

Wesley made a prayer that Angels may take him to the best place for consolation so he happened to be in heaven. Talking with Angels he asked similar questions and he got strange answer:

- No Anglicans in heaven – OK, he smiled, I knew it.

- No Catholics, nor Baptists – of course, pastor keep smiling, but third answer made him very troubled:

- None of Methodists was ever in heaven!

- So who are all these righteous men and woman, I see them so many – asked crying good pastor Wesley…

- They are the man and woman, children of God who washed their souls and bodies in the blood of the Lamb of God…

Nobody can remember to which denomination they belonged because they are so equal and so loving like babies of One Heavenly Father.

That moment Wesley wakes up.

In his talks he recalled many times strange dream. I think many of us good Christians have to remember the same and dream the same dreams as Wesley. It may help much to respect more each other and prepare us better to the Last Judgement!

Last year, I was staying in Washington D.C. capital of USA. I made many trips by foot along the city to know better America, but also to discover the diversity of religions and Christian denominations. The streets are really full of worshipping houses, churches even mosques, masonic houses and synagogues. Some of them in very bad condition, some with sad inscription: “for sale”! Even without entering inside I got many observations about spiritual condition of this great nation.

First thing which I realized was the big number of Latin-American churches which gave me an idea that this people trained by Catholic church during centuries still love God and play a role of a salt in more and pragmatic and permissive, but also more atheistic American society.

The second observation was inscription on protestant churches: “All are welcomed”. This sentence sounds very Christian, but also very Catholic, because Catholic Church is the one who by definition is welcoming all.

The name catholic from Greek language has such a meaning: ‘’universal church’’, “church of all the nations”. If Protestants finally wish to embrace all the people of the world it means that they got tired of being a ghetto of monotype, one way thinking people. They are ready to open the doors on all the diversity of mankind which of course was not that much obvious before!

Concerning the third main branch of Christianity which is represented by Orthodox church I may tell you, after more than 20 years of living and working in post-Soviet countries I am very familiar with Orthodox and they really call themselves “sobornaya” (in Russian universal) or even “catholic church”.

The patriarch of Armenian Old-Christian church calls himself “katolikos” of all the Armenians.

All of us Christians we try to be welcoming, but time to time we behave like members of the sect pretending to be the only, unique monopolistic church beloved by God and out of our ghetto no salvation. Thanks God it is not like that.

The Pharisee, Gamaliel teacher of Saint Paul, in the Acts of Apostles was urging the Jews in Sanhedrin, not to persecute the Christians, because in case they have no God’s nature they may disappear soon, but if they survive longer witnessing the truth it may happen “we fight with God”.

So my goal will be not to fight with Christians of different denominations than mine. My call is totally opposite. I am calling all the Christians to stop fighting each with other, giving by that excuse to pagans to make fun of us.

My goal is defensive, apologetic: to give good inspiration to Catholics but also another brothers Christians to meditate again the nature of the Church as “pluralistic” and very diversified “Mystical Body of Christ” with many members and many charismas and start great job of understanding “who we really are”.

Preparing for celebrations of jubilee year 2000 Pope John Paul II send circular letter to most of Christian leaders with very smart proposal or question: “please help me to understand my ministry as successor of saint Peter”. Many of them were really interested to help John Paul II. All of them have own opinion about Catholics and sometime is really good to hear what the others talk about us, but I am very sure they also have to hear what we Catholics as oldest brothers in faith may think about them.

My knowledge and observations about Christianity after many years of pastoral work in missions and gathering with almost all the Christian denominations may be useful to make this journey. I am pretending to know a little about them but a special way the Catholics.

Catholics are really the oldest brothers to all the Christians. There are many good and bad things in this “old branch” of our genealogical three. Studying the history of Catholic Church all the Orthodox and all the Protestants we may get to know ourselves better.

John Paul II was telling that the people which do not know own history have no future! Wake up brothers, do not be lazy! Let us study as much possible except biblical past, the past of our efforts of applying the Bible in daily life through the centuries.

My research is not scientific but popular apologetic job. It is kind of answer on many doubts expressed by my friends and parishioners during many intimate talks, so it does not pretend to be scientific research, but only a talk from hearth to heart. Partially it was inspired by some the meeting with young boy from “Nuk village, West New Britain PNG”. His name is Walter, former Catholic and now Adventist neophyte. He was unhappy to meet me sometime in late September 2014.

The zeal of that boy in “converting” his own brothers Catholics in his own village made me think about my own zeal and about passivism of most Catholics in this and other places.

Are we really wrong Christians? Are we somebody to be converted immediately, are the Adventists the most legitimate Christians in the world? Is it OK to convert one branch of Christianity in the other one? Why we are so lazy to go and convert together so many pagans, but obligatory confuse each other loosing time on unusual discussions about laws?

St. Paul observed some of Jewish traditions, but advised to Peter and all of us to put love and grace first not telling: I am from Paul or from Apollo!

I hope it is good time to ask ourselves these and other questions.

My “polishness”

In August 2014 I was attending retreats in Ulamuna parish PNG.

Another 25 priests of Kimbe diocese including Bishop William Fey and the preacher, Capuchin priest Fr. David one seminarian and me. Some of us were living in sisters convent, some in catechists house most of us in parish house. Conditions of life very comfortable, landscape under neat of famous active “papa volcain” (mama and daughter vulcains in Rabaul) and climat like in paradise. The only problem were: mosquitos, heat but also lack of phone covering which was OK for not disturbing us.

On the doors of each priest room were written our names.

My name Jaroslaw Wisniewski was too much difficult to write so Ulamuna people made short inscription in pigin: “POLIS PRIS” other ones came reading inscription got surprised that even priests may have own “police man”…

Please do not treat me that way.

Call me by nick name Yarek and hear my story about “polishness”.

There is something special about Polish mentality.

We ever were feeling a little isolated nation in our history being Catholics. The date of our baptism 966 is recognized by all the scientists as the starting point of our political being as the nation and country on the map of Europe. It is something amazing for many nations like ours, that the moment of baptism was the moment of big promotion for Czechs, Hungarians, Russians, Germans, but most of Scandinavians which up today put in their national flags the symbol of the Cross.

Many our European nations declare to be Christians, but sometime as members of different Christian denomination they were getting good excuse to attack us.

In the past our country suffered attacks from the side of Czech “Husites” 15-th century, Turkish Muslims 16-18-th, Hungarian Calvinists 17-th, Swedish and East Prussian Lutherans 17-th, and Russian Orthodox later fighting Atheists 18-20-th.

For us fighting to defend our Catholic identity was not only the matter of theology but also of political and economic existence. It is why John Paul II the pope from Poland was eve and still is surprising the entire world by his very special pontificate embracing the people of any kind, especially persecuted Christians elsewhere, nations, tribes, even continents, but also strongly defending Catholic identity.

He made possible for many of us to be proud of being Catholics even in conditions of “dark communist night” in which I grew up.

So do not be surprise if you find some strong statements in my research. It is the way I was trained, I feel really a disciple of that Christian tradition which unable to feel comfort being Christian, but oblige to defend own identity as daily duty of mine.

Wake up brothers, do not be lazy Christians!

Post- soviet memories

“Some holy man, who was famous journalist all his life and surprisingly early died, came to heaven and he met St. Peter the “owner of the keys to the Kingdom”. Peter as usual procedure set down looking to “the book of saints”. He easily found the name of the Holy man and start asking: “All the new ones may ask me anything they wish to feel comfortable very first moments of staying in the Paradise so please think a while and tell me you first wish”.

Journalist not surprised at all replied: “My first wish will be to make interview with All the Saints one by one, but first of all with Holy Mary. As good Catholic I must start from Her”.

“OK, you will have plenty of time in eternity to meet all the saints. This is none problem, but Holy Mary may give you a headache”,

“Why, She is so good, so sweet and kind. She may not refuse meeting me. I always prayed rosary before writing my articles and books, so She has to meet me. Please tell her!” – argued Holy one.

“You’re right of course, but she is absent in the heaven” – said Peter with really sad face. He was unable to make journalist happy.

“Do not full me St. Peter. Holy Mary was taken to heaven by Angels in the day of Assumption, all the children know it.”

“Yes, her privilege is to be here, but the thing is that same way as her Son Jesus, She prefers to socialize with sinners and he is going back and forth to the Earth appearing to the children and calling people to repent.

Actually she spends most of time in Russia.

You have to know how many sinners live there! So do not be surprised, interview with Holy Mary will not happen soon, because the number of killers, stealers and unbelievers in Russia is uncountable”. Most of them call themselves good Christians and declare deep love and respect to Holly Mary. Strange story, don’t you think so.

“I agree you”-answered journalist, but now I will be the unhappy saint in heaven until I will meet her and ask her detail of her Russian travelling. Said journalist and came back to the earth, telling short way, he wake up and gone to his office preparing next wonderful story for his readers.”

My name is Jaroslaw Wisniewski, nick name Yarek, Catholic priest from Central Europe, country Poland. I was born in 1963, ordained in 1991, worked in Russia 1992-2002, Ukraine 2003-2008 and Uzbekistan 2008-2013, now in PNG.

For different reasons I traveled much to China, India, Korean, Japan and USA. I have spent another 2 years of my priesthood in these countries. I met on my way many different religions and Christian denominations.

I got strong biblical concern which also is official policy of my own Catholic Church that all the people have same dignity as children of God.

All of us: Americans, Europeans, people from Asia, Africa and Oceania have similar abilities, skills, good and bad characters living together and looking for the truth and love which is only God Himself!

As Christian I was finding very difficult working in full atheistic in practice post-communist Russia. Just very first months of my staying there I was promised to be killed or kicked out of the country. It really happened: many of my friends priests were killed harsh way by unknown”. Popular belief among simple people in these kinds of situations in that kind of country like Russia is that most of these crimes belong to secret service workers trained by KGB to hate all the believers, especially Christians, especially Catholics!

The list of my killed brothers’ priests may look short but it still impress taking in mind that some people believe in “conversion of communist Russia back into Christianity” as “job done”.

The list:

Fr. Krzysztof Niemyjski, 40 – parish priest from Warsaw diocese in Poland. Volunteered to Russia in 1991. Returned and restored historical church in the center of nice southern city Astrakhan. Creator and Rector of Priests Pre-Seminary Center, Charitable Found Caritas Astrakhan, poisoned in Astrakhan in Christmas time 1999,

Fr. Jan Franckiewicz, 77 – son of polish officer killed by KGB in Katyn close to Smolensk in 1940. Missionary in “leper center” Jivodaya, Raipur – India. Ordained in Libya. Volunteered to work in forgotten places of Siberia, tortured and killed by metallic stick in one of his 14 outstations on Irtysh river, city Iartsevo, KrasnoiarskiKrai, Siberia – Russia in Easter time 2001.

Fr. Grzegorz Cioroch, 44 OFM Conv, persecuted very sophisticated unmoral way by so called Russian “yellow papers” for his activities as creator and superior of Franciscan Custody and founder of Printing House. Killed by camion in “white day” on the most popular highway Brest-Moscow, without any witnesses. Same way as it was in soviet times. “Clean job in white gloves”.

Otto Messmer 48, superior of Russian Jesuits, rector of the only Catholic Theological Institutein Moscow, brother of 3 another priests including bishop Nicolas Messmer in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Killed in his convent house in Moscow.

Same time and same place, together with Fr. Otto Messmer was killed his brother Jesuit Fr. Victor from Ecuador, whom I do not know personally, but of cause I regret his tragic passing.

Parish priest in Twer – Australian citizen, with Slovakian roots. Another priest whom I never meet personally. Retired - emeritus diocesan priest. He volunteered to Russia same time as me and financed construction of new church.

Slovakian priest close to Orel city south of Moscow. Another priest emeritus from Slovakia, who volunteered to Russia killed by unknown. Unfortunately I do not remember his name. We never met, but I know his engagement in helping the poor.

Except this black list there is another list of priests towards whom post-soviet Russia used term: PERSONA NON GRATA like they were kind of “Vatican spies” working on destroying huge Russian country. Small Vatican was always recognized in soviet times as the worst enemy, but surprisingly up today this curious tradition is lasting. Let us have a look on the personages of unwanted in Russia priests:

Stanislaw Opiela – superior of Russian Jesuits, rector of Theological Institute in Moscow, polish citizen, proclaimed persona non grata in 2000

Stefano di Caprio, Italian priest, teacher in Vladimir State University, very engaged In charitable matters, popular and beloved pastor in the city who same way as Astrakhan priest returned and renovated local church building damaged by communists years before. Proclaimed persona non grata in February 2002.

Jerzy Mazur SVD, bishop of Irkutsk, the biggest diocese in the world, very active man in charitable but also missionary matters, the man who created “something from nothing” raising funds for huge cathedral in city of Irkutsk and many other new churches but also looking for volunteers priests and sisters from all over the world willing to work in very strong conditions of very cold Siberia. Proclaimed persona non grata in April 2002.

JaroslavKrajnik SVD, young verbist priest from Slovakia working in the city Jaroslaw on Volga. Proclaimed persona non grata in August 2002. The one whom I never met and his activities I cannot describe. I guess he was “overactive” zealous man like the previous ones, because I cannot find in my brain nothing else to justify all these expulsions.

Edward Mackiewicz SDB, salezian priest in Rostov on Don, the one who built huge church in the city. Same “overactive” like described before. Proclaimed persona non grata in September 2002

Jaroslaw Wisniewski - the last on the list, maybe not the least.

I was blamed for my “wrong TV statements” in Kamchatka, describing Catholic roots of Ukraine-Russia baptism in 988. (Orthodox Churchstart existing in 1054). I was also using title Apostolic Prefecture of Karafuto in my parish in Sakhalin Island. Title was given to the church in Sakhalin in 1938 when this part of Russian belonged to Japan, so I was recognized as Japanese spy pretending to discuss Russian territory.

In fact it was only excuse to kick out another overactive priest. In my brain never existed such an idea about changing Russian borders.

My respect to the history was the only goal while talking about Russian Christian identity or the colorful past of Sakhalin-Karafuto Island.

In a year 2002 another 20 Protestant preachers and even some Jewish Rabies were expulsed from Russia.

Even some Orthodox priests were persecuted or killed in very suspicious circumstances. The most significant was killing of Fr. Alexander Men’, author of many popular books and founder of Christian University of St. Andrew in Moscow city. He was killed by ax in the entrance to his own house after returning from Moscow in evening time.

Of course all these stories have beginning in a year 1917 when Soviet Revolution smashed from the face of the world most of church buildings and killed about 200 000 ministers of all religions mostly Orthodox Christians, but also more than thousand Catholic priests and sisters.

As you realize, freedom of speech and conscience was something unknown in the past but still is not observed in Russia nowadays at all. The only positive thing I may say was a will to collaborate. Some Christian denominations in conditions of persecution become very friendly and collaborative each to another. I realize that especially in Ukraine and Uzbekistan. As more Christians suffer as more they understand and support each other. The only exception were Russian Orthodox which ever preferred collaborate with the state workers even secret services than with other Christians. They were forced to be the Communist Party members and to praise communist or actual post-communist power saying that “any power has blessing from above”.

Something very similar I was seeing in China.

In these kinds of strange conditions I was living as child and young man in Poland and working as a priest 10 years in this Russia and another 10 years in post-soviet Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

You may believe me I got tired!

Today I am 51 old man.

I am looking for interior peace but also looking for understanding of all this struggling. Maybe God was giving me all these experiences to discover something good in my soul possible to share with others.

I was looking for more peaceful Christian country volunteering to spend there the rest of my busy life. I choose PNG, but still I am not sure if I may find peace looking on strange behaviors of some Christian brothers making my life same difficult as communists does in Poland and post-communists in Russia.

Please be patient hearing my story.


Poland has small Orthodox minority.

Most of them declare to be Byelorussians by origin. They ever were more sympathizing Soviet Union and lived in Province of Bialystok, the city where I spend 6 years of seminary studies and was ordained to the priesthood.

In a year 1991, just 10 days after my ordination John Paul II visited this city, prayed a Mass and beatified Boleslawa Lament, weak woman inspired to make ecumenical efforts in Russia in the middle of Orthodox people during all her busy life. She was so much concerned that most of her sisters were citizens of Soviet Union, Russian by origin. She was so much focused on Russia and Byzantine rite that even some Polish Bishops were thinking that she may be communist agents.

John Paul II gave instructions to make generous gift for Orthodox by giving them the buildings of old Greek-Catholic Monastery in the city Suprasl close to Bialystok. Orthodox were very thankful and they permitted to John Paul II to have small liturgy in their cathedral of St. Nicolas in Bialystok just after the beatification ceremony of Boleslawa Lament. Nobody knows what happened to local Orthodox Bishop, but during the ceremony he made many unfriendly statements towards Catholics. All this time John Paul II was taking his hands on the had like Moses concentrated it seemed he is trying to hide his anger and sadness, but not. He resigned from written text he usually was reading in this kind of meetings and he enlisted by memory all the beautiful stories from the past which took place between us Catholics and Orthodox people…

Amazing, nobody expected!

In each situation God is inspiring us to find something good.

Of course except stupid people I met in Russia good Christians even among unfriendly Orthodox clergy.

It happened in one city of Kalmyk Republic close to mentioned Astrakhan South Russia I met Fr. Zosima, actual bishop in Stavropol.

I met him to get detailed information about possible Catholics in his diocese and he really told me much giving friendly advices.

When he finished and realized that my tired face is unable to say thank you he asked friendly,” what else I may do for you?”.

I explained to him that after 12 hours of travel I feel tired and angry because it was the day of St. Cyril and Methodius 14-th February 1994 I was not having a Mass. He proposed me to pray in the sacristy of his monastery and also gave me some food. Same time some people came to ask for a prayer because somebody died. Priest has gone and returned only the moment I finished the Mass and was ready to go. Zosima locked on me gave me the money he got for his ministry saying: “take and buy yourself some more food on the way back”.

In the future when our mission in his diocese starts flourishing Zosima start complaining but in my heart he stays ever as real Christian and inspiring minister of Holy Spirit. It was pleasure for me to meet him.

Another thing which is to be mentioned was group of few Orthodox priests in Sakhalin which accepted me and helped when I was in urgent need of being confessed.

After talking to my bishop in Irkutsk, who knew that I am the only catholic priest for three huge provinces without any Catholic priest to assist me in difficult soul struggling. General message of Catholic Church is that Orthodox Sacraments are valid and acceptable for Catholics being far away from Catholic ministers, so I applied this policy in many situations of my life.

Of course I met many priests with opposite taste and willing to destroy me or even the Pope, but as I said before, in any struggle God is giving us joy difficult to express by the words.


Similar nice people from evangelical and other denominations I met during my long struggling in Russia Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

I wish to mention especially so called Full Gospel Church which.

I met in Kamchatka close to Alaska, another end of Russia.

I made a visit asking a help in registering local parish.

The name of Pastor was Paprocki. He was having polish roots so he asked me the Bible in Polish. I gave him the Bible and he gave me his lawyers to help me registering new parish which exists up today under the name of St. Teresa of Infant Jesus!

In Ukraine in the city Donetsk assembly of Protestants decide to buy to me nice mobile phone when they realized I have old one and sometime cannot reach them by phone in my birthday. In Uzbekistan during few years the most beautiful flowers and money I was given by members of charismatic church linked to “Word of God” of Swedish preacher Ulf Ekman. Ulf Ekman organized renewal movement in the middle of Pentecostal and organized mega church in many countries of the world including Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. By the way Ulf Ekman’s son became Catholic Priest and both parents after visiting Holy Land converted in Easter this year to Catholic Church informing all the members of their own church few months before about their intention to go away without any agitation towards other members of the church.

The only comment to their own decision was: we realize how beautiful is Holy Land and that all this beauty was preserved by centuries by many efforts of Catholics, we realized that this old tree may give new leaves and may give deep joy of Holy Spirit to us.”


“This is not my war, my battle, my enemy”.

It was the title of the best Pentecostalpreaching I ever heard in my life. Few years ago I was hearing MaksimMaksimov, young pastor from Almaty in Kazakhstan. His church was burned by “unknown people”, but people were so helpful that he restore the building in short time twice bigger. MaksimMaksimov was praising God for his enemies which made him so much successful minister. He was inspired to create the best Russian speaking TV CNL. So his talk about IT IS NOTMY WAR. Was about David visiting his brother is the camp during the war with Philistines. Pastor Maksim was describing in details this visit using Bible but also his imagination telling that David was not supposed to fight with Goliath. He just came to visit his older brothers “giving them sandwiches and new dress. Maksim said: “Except to say thank you brothers kicked him out from dangerous place. David was angry and ready to revenge but he as telling himself: “it is not my battle, my war”.

“I will find real enemy to fight” - and just that very moment happened Goliath on his way. The end of the story we know.

Good Christian cannot feed himself by greed and hatred.

It happened that Samarians knowing that Christ is going to Jerusalem were against his visit in one of their cities.

John and James were proposing Jesus to send fire on this city, but Jesus ignored this idea: “This is not my war, my battle, my enemy”.

One famous polish visionary sister Faustina was having a vision of God destroying Russia, but she starts praying and after long battle she got strong conviction that God followed her prayer.

I was so surprised and even angry when I got to know that passage from her diary. Poland was so much suffering from Russians especially from communists, but sister Faustina, a Holy woman was inspired to pray about preserving this country and this sinful people. Her vision happened few years before 2-nd World War!

She was convinced that it is not our battle, our war!

Similar inspiration was having Karol Wojtyla future Pope John Paul II as young 18-years boy he was encouraged by classmates and friends to take the gun and fight with Nazi, but he refused telling that he will fight by soul, by spirit, by theater and he really does. He made most of his beautiful poetries and dramas during the war; he also got inspiration to join underground Priests Seminary in Cracow. It was same risky, he was able to be arrested and killed but it was his choice. It wasn’t his battle, his war, his way. He was preparing himself to fight with Communism and it took almost all his life even as a Pope he struggled much to win by soul not the gun.

Russian politicians, especially Mr. Putin was deeply unfriendly to him, but John Paul II never complained. He made important trips to almost all the countries around former soviet republics like: Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia always addressing peaceful tender words in Russian language to his possible enemies and real FRIENDS.

He gave to me real example of struggling and forgiveness.

After described killings and expulsions of Catholic priests I was thinking like prophet Jonah or like James with John: “Why God is not sending fire on this country?” I do still not understand full picture but I am slowly making efforts to understand and reconcile. Possibly God has his own way of fixing the things like that. It was not really my war. I have gone to Ukraine and Uzbekistan for another 10 years without risking my life so much as it was in Russia and many inspiring stories happened. I started writing books and up today I am doing that feeling that same as in case of Wojtyla:




By this booklet I am encouraging all young zealous Christians to struggle and fight that way in soul and prayer but not destroying enemies but trying to know them better and even love a little.

If surprisingly you enemy is Catholic or another Christian denomination please try to be patient because possibly you fight like young Saul and you may become blind and get shameful discussion with Jesus like Paul close to Damascus (Acts chapter 9).


In one of short books Indian of Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello you may find nice story about Prophet Mohammed preaching to his first students about pharaoh refusing to hear Moses. One of the students said “some of beach” and of course was expelled from Quran school the madrasah .

Same night prophet got a dream about Angels talking with God abut last news. After hearing all of them God said: “The most I liked this poor guy kicked out from the madrasah”…

God knows who our real enemy is and how much we have tolove him.

Even about Moslems John Paul II said that we have many things to follow and copy like respect to elderly, having children as much as nature and providence may give without tricking each other by condoms or other preservatives contradicting the human nature, giving alms with real simplicity and without publicity and fasting deeply and strongly. John Paul II funded the way of talking and discussing with Muslims about the family matters. Vatican and very educated teachers of Islam were fighting together against abortion lobby trying to oblige all the countries in the world to follow the principles of Controlled Parenthood and so on.

Many times getting news about other hostilities of Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia or Uganda I start thinking: “maybe it is my battle,my war?”

But please do not be hurry.

Nowadays more people die in abortion clinics than in any terroristic war.

Maybe it is our war Christians?

Maybe fighting poverty and anger we may more succeed than destroying each other by incorrect talks and actions gossiping or proselyting each other.

Maybe our common enemy is sitting in internet, radio and TV and we have to go in this direction together fighting for the souls encouraging each other and collaborating as much possible even by competition. OK I may agree it is our goal, it is our war. Let’s go and do it!


I have spent only 3 months in PNG but looking on 51 years’ of my life experience and comparing level of Freedom here I was easy to realize two simple things which may be natural for PNG citizens, but very special for me:

Full freedom and respect towards all Christians from the side of government. We have to be very thankful Almighty God, to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Holy Spirit for having this kind of comfort here.

Strong and unfair competition between Christian denominations which I would like to call “wild hunting for the souls”.

West Britain is the place I know better than the others.

Because of my age I am not that hurry making statements. I made only one nice visit to Anglicans in Kimbe and two visits incognito to the renewal and Adventist communities in the same city. I was gathering with pastor’s wife and parishioners of United Church close to Silanga. We were sitting close to the church and singing together something like 10 minutes. Priest from Silanga get permission from local people that I may do this… it was short but nice gathering…

Later happened something which urged me to talk to people and answer painful questions on the history and philosophy of Protestantism. I understood that time to talking came. Not for confusing people but just for informative and apologetic purpose.

My passion and way of arguing is totally different than others.

I do not trust the way of preaching which multiply biblical quotations. Good Christians may easily find these inspiring places which they need for common good, but not to explode by erudition showing ourselves as scribes or Pharisees knowing all the scripture but not following at all.

Jesus calls such preacher as renovated from outside graves on which people step by foot but not realize their presence.

We are really clay vessels of good news as whole message, but not separate quotations which we like today but may forget tomorrow.

Catholic tradition suggests discovering in the bible something inspiring, constructive but not destructive, something natural rather than supernatural. We are very suspicious against the shepherds which make much noise and look psychologically and emotionallyunstable. We feel wrong shouting and crying the way may disturb nerves and follows to washing brains rather informing people about what Jesus really wishes but not separate preacher.

Catholics read and contemplate the same piece of gospel in the entire world step by step studying day by day chapter by chapter piece from old and from New Testament. It was custom of first Christians when only few people were possessing whole collection of Biblical Books and these books were used during meetings. We study the entire bible slowly but if some person comes to the church daily he may read and contemplate the entire bible in 3 years cycle.

Please do not complain about our way.

Germans say: “Langsam, langsamabersicher”. Slowly but deep attention!

Bible is not for private use of single individuals, so when read and explained by preacher step by step in the church the best.

Except the Bible, Catholics ever used Christian tradition given from heart to heart during centuries from bishop to bishop, from priest to priest. Let us remember that printing houses of Guttenberg were discovered only in 16-th century. Level of literacy was very small so even rich people were having the bible not all of them were able to read it.

One of deep Catholic traditions is the way we decorate churches putting 14 stations of Jesus Passion. These decorations were proposed by famous St. Francis to uneducated people as so called “BibliaPauperorum” – the bible for the poor.

It is not veneration of pictures or idolatry as some friends Protestants interpret.

Presence of the Cross or images of Holy Mary or other saints is popular also in Anglican Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. All these three denominations also baptize infants being worry about their future life. Level of medical health was always small in the past and many babies were dying without being baptized. In PNG up today the rate of children deaths is high, unfortunately.

We baptize also handicapped children in any age knowing that even in age of 40 the level of education maybe always the same as 5 years old baby.

From another hand we observe deep religious zeal in their lives same as all another babies in kindergartens. Jesus said do not disturb children coming to my, to them belong the Kingdom!

Ok, after some of initial arguments and answers on popular allegations against Catholics or Orthodox which have same theology as Catholic I will start talking about our common history, the subject who is studied very similar way in Anglican, Orthodox and Presbyterian communities. I ever encourage our brothers and sisters Catholics to study. It is the way we fulfill the commandment: “Respect mother and father”. Respect all our mothers and fathers from the past especially spiritual fathers, respect the church which gave you and your family the taste of the faith, adopted you by spirit and helped to grow spiritually.

Even brothers Protestants or orthodox will close the ears or eyes on that kind of argumentation they may know that it is very convincing way of talking about the faith.

Studying the way our fathers were following the gospel is ever inspiring. Remember: people not knowing history have no future! History is the teacher of life. The entire Bible is also history mixt with tradition!

In the beginning of big ecumenical gathering in city Wroclaw in my native country Poland June 1997 old and sick pope John Paul II sneezed. People of many denominations applauded Pope’s initial word so he made a funny comment: “I never knew that sneezing may support ecumenical peaceful talks!”

Yes, good intention may make any simple thing good instrument of preaching, but bad intention may fallow to destruction any sophisticated way of talking even some spend big money and use many devices.

House built without foundations have to fall down. Catholic Church was built on the rock. This rock according to promise of Jesus was Peter and his successors. To them Jesus has given the keys of the Church. Only blind and deaf man may ignore this statement of Jesus Mt 16,16.

For us Catholics it is matter of existence. We cannot build anything without being inspired from Rome the place Peter accepted even against his will (read last chapter of John’s Gospel)!


LET US START: 33-330

Apostles spread all over the world as Jesus advised. According tradition St. Thomas and Bartholomew ended in India. Simon and JudeThaddeus in Caucasus, Andrew in Balkans, Luke in Egypt or Ethiopia. In 44 first bishop of Jerusalem James was killed, 64-66 both roman apostles Peter and Paul were killed. Christians living n enlisted countries observe their traditions venerating possible graves and establishing cathedrals on these places calling themselves successors of Apostles. The grave of St. James according tradition was transported to Spanish city Santiago de Compostella and in times of Muslimaggression became the goal of pilgrims which before where visiting Holy Land. Up today it is most attractive place for pilgrims in Europe. Tradition of being pilgrim and venerating graves is based on our faith in having gathering with souls especially in cemeteries or churches preserving bones of saints. In Acts of Apostles we may read that when John and Peter visited some placed people were trying to touch them or to be in their shadow to be healed. These beliefs are cultivated up today by Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Most of the churches were having some relic, some bone or some piece of dress.

Please do not make fun on that, even you cannot understand or accept, just take in mind. It is our common history based in the Bible.

In 77 Jerusalem was destroyed just as Jesus said by Romans. City was really destroyed, up to the foundations. Some of Jewish were defending themselves in Masada (the name of nowadays secret service in Israel), but having no food, no water killed themselves. Jerusalem was restored by Romans about 150 but totally different way as it was before. Even name of the city was changed. Now Jerusalem becomesCaesarea. Central place of Caesarea was placed out of Jerusalem walls. It happened, that Golgotha which was out of Jerusalem walls now become the central place of the city. Christians continue worshipping God but more in Samaria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Libya, Algeria, Turkey(according todays understanding of geography) than in Israel. All these communities were under persecution so their meetings took place on cemeteries, in desert or in catacombs, especially in Rome. Except Catacombs the most popular place of meetings was one of 7 Roman hills called Vaticanus. It was most forgotten place , because of many shakes, mood, bad company visiting that plays: rubbers, drinkers, but also it was place of banishment, executions and cemeteries. Romans were prejudices it is why they were not disturbing people which were having meetings in Vatican. It is also the reason why the Peters stone in just in the center of Vatican. Later on this grave became corner stone of Cathedral built by first Christian Emperor Constantine.

Before Roman Caesar converted some Armenian king does it in a year 300.

In Rome it happened in 315 after famous Mediolan(Milano) Edict.

Let us first clarify: why Romans hated Christians but also all the Jews.

These two groups of people were non obeying only once a year. It always repeated in the day of each of emperor’s birthday. Roman law established participation in birthday ceremonies obligatory and everybody who avoided participation was under suspicion.

By the way this roman custom gave idea to first Christians to have their own emperor Jesus Birthday which we call now Christmas.

This feast cost many human lives in the past. Please remember it while celebrating Christmas. In My country Poland in ChristmasEve we put additional dish for traveler, but also memorizing the death people. It is forbidden to drink alcohols and to eat meat. This custom is strongly observed. It is part of our identity. We express more joy in Christmas than in Easter, but it is very measured joy.

OK, Constantine gives freedom to Christians, persecutions finish but happens something which we may also observe in many countries enjoying freedom like Papua. Christians start unusual discussions blaming and persecuting each others for some havin or not having some customs and traditions.

First totalitarian sects appear. Their allegations were very similar like today, nothing changed!

They discuss existence of Holy Trinity(so called Arians-today Witness of Jehovah), Gods nature of Jesus(so called Monophysites) of dignity of Holy Mary(nestorians – today Adventist and many other), the date of Easter or the date of coming end of the world(Millenarists but now followers of reverend Moon in Korea Witness of Jehovah, adventists), need of deep ascetic life denying dignity of human body and human sexuality(Manicheans, later katars, albigens, bogomils etc.), Gnostics(alchemistry, magic, later influenced Islam), Giordano Bruno, new age movement, scientology etc.).

It happened first time in history of Christianity that Christians start fighting one with another up to the intervention of Emperor. Converted emperor Constantine obliged all the respectfull bishops to have general gathering for so called councils.

Nicea council 325 and 8 another up to 1054 are respected by most of basic denomination.

We are lucky to have the day of Easter, collection of 75 biblical books, nicean symbol of fight describing Holy trinity, belief in Holy Catholic Apostolic Church(some Christians just say Apostolic), gathering of saints, absolution of sins and resurrection of our bodies.

330 mother of Constantine goes to Jerusalem starting long tradition of making pilgrimages which was disturbed by Muslims, but they themselves got our tradition but going to Makah not to Jerusalem as one of 5 obligatory points in their faith!

Emperors mother Helena with group of priests and soldiers discovered many holy places in Holy Land like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Jerusalem, later her son will built big cathedrals, many of them like Jerusalem BethlehemandCapernaum exist up today mostly under care of Franciscan monks, some Orthodox, Armenians or Copts. Protestants only last century represent more interest to Holy Land, thanks God ignoring history must at last finish.

Some people call Holy Land the fifth Gospel. Really like Jesus said: “people stop preaching stones start crying!”.

Similar way the gospel is preached by stones in Syria, Turkey and many other Muslim countries. Unfortunately preaching there leads to killings under Quran law or just under traditions or so called “blasphemy law” in Pakistan. Any gossiping about Christian hating Quran may be excuse to kill Christian!

Take in mind the number of Christians in these countries is decreasing year by year including Israel. Christians are under deep persecution in the region that gave birth to our Lord and most of our traditions including the Bible.


In this specific period of time Christians grew in Europe in umber, even all nations like Ethiopians(from very beginning – read acts of Apostles – deacon Philip), Egyptians(s. Luke – ever Christian now only 10% Arabs of Coptic origin), Lebanon(up today 50% Christians-maronitesyriac tradition) Greeks(always christian but byzantine tradition), Ancient Libyans, Tunisians and Algerians of Germanic and Roman origin(4-th century – St. Augustine)Persians(syro-chaldean tradition), Armenians(St. Gregory Lusavorich – 4-th century, monophysitic tradition linked to Copts and Ethiopians), Georgian(5-th century –Nesrop – monophysitic tradition now orthodox)s, French(called first daughter of the church – tradition about Lazarus preaching in Marseille together with his sisters, 4-th century St. Denis, St. Martin from Tours, st.Ireneus from Lyon), Irish(St. Patrick 5-th century), England (St. Augustine from Canterbury 6-th century) some Germans (St. Boniface 8-th century)including Emperor Charles the Great(respected as own King by historians of both French and Germans). Slovaks and Moravians were baptized in 9-th century (St. Cyril and Methodius). The last on the list were Polish 966(St. Voichekh-Adalbert, five polish Martyrs, St. Stanislaus Bishop-martyr), Chechs 978(St. Ludmila and Wenceslaus), Ukrainians(claimed also by Russian historian as their own tradition which may be under discussion because happened in Kiev ever capital of Ukraine but not Russia)988(st. Olga, St. Vladimir, later St. Jaroslaw my patron). More less same time all Scandinavians got baptized by St. Oscar(Sweden) and Henry(Finland).

As I mentioned before freedom of religion gave people opportunity to built numerous of the churches but also to destroy them under any excuse given by some false teachers as Arius, Nestorius, Pelagius, Valerian etc.

We have also beautiful theological schools and monasteries: Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Nisibis(Persia), Lyon, Alexandria, Mediolan(Milano) and Cartagena.

In 8-th century Islam spread up to Spain influencing renewal in the middle of Jewish society which organize in opposition to Christians own collection of books calling some of ours like Judith, Tobias, some chapters of Isaiah, Maccabean etc. out of cannon.

Martin Luther without knowing secondary and late origin of Jewish cannon decided not to translate these books, which for us Catholics and Orthodox is act of selfishness and authoritarian judgment. Maybe it was also the matter of economizing the time because M. Luther was hurry, to give his translation as fast possible to the people in only two years.

We Catholics are proud of St. Hieronymus origin from Dalmatia or Croatia which spend in Bethlehemhis entire life translation bible Vulgata without hurry studyingJewish language and customs in the place of Jesus birth. This translation was canonical for Catholics up to 19-th century. Latin language was same as English today “lingua franca of all educated people” including unbelievers like first german atheists Marx and Engels. They made their doctorates in Latin, so that Latin translation of St. Hieronymus gave faith to most number of Latin speaking people in the world many times more than translation of Luther which touched hearts of only European nation which is German. Next catholic translation was made by Cyril and Methodius in 8-th century into Slavic language which is used up today in orthodox liturgy of Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and many others. Gregory Lusavorich, catholic saint and patron of Armenia made his Armenian translation in 4-th century, similar time bible was translated in Ethiopia, now declare to be Orthodox.

Which means that 1000 years before Protestants appeared in the history Christians were loving, translating and knowing the bible and preserved up to our times. Telling, that only Protestants know and love the Bible isn’t the truth, it is historically wrong and injustice statement.

Surprisingly the bible was translated preserved and multiplied by heroic work of “handmade”books produced by monks in monasteries. Protestants make mistake not respecting values of monastic life. We are thankful for good teaching of the faith to Basilians originally from Cappadocia: St. Basil, St, Gregory from Nasians, St. Gregory from Nissa, they also defended the truth about Holy Trinity from Arianism risking their lives. Basil is an author of Byzantine liturgy.

St. Anthony from Egypt desert,was another defender of Holy Trinity, St. Ireneus from Lyon, St. Ambrose bishop of Mediolan, St. Ireneus from Lyon, St. Augustine, Origenes etc. None f them was protestant, but protestants have to know them otherwise they may understand nothing how Christians were talking and defending some popular dogmas.

In 8-th century happened big discussion about Icons. Discussion was inspired by Muslims so it is good to know the origin and inspiration of these talks. Icon fighters copy the strong position of Mohammed. Jewish were never so radical. Arc of covenant was having images of Angels and nobody complain!!!

In 9-th century happened in Rome “saeculumobscurum”-in Latin language: dark century. Popes were elected from two powerful clans without taking in mind spiritual qualities of candidates. In that very time church start looking legitimate way of electing popes. Tradition of electingamong cardinals started in 10-11-t century just same time so called Orthodox decided to separate under one small excuse: “filioque”. In translation into English “and the son” meaning that “Holy Spirit comes from Father and the Son”. Orthodox believe in different chronology saying that Holy Spirit comes from the Father only.

This excuse seem to be less important today, but sadly we got many other differences and excuses like different way of counting the time(Gregorian and Julian calendars different on almost 2 weeks as follows Easter is celebrated almost ever in different time even one month later than in Roman church).

Orthodox ordains married priests; do not respect Pope as we do. They say all 12 patriarchs of traditional apostolic presence as Jerusalem, Alexandria in Egypt, Antioch in Turkey, Constantinople – Turkey, Moscow – Russia, Belgrade – Serbia, Sophia –Bulgaria and Bucharest – Romania are equal to Pope. Similar allegations have now Anglicans calling all their kings even women equal to Pope!

It is something out of the bible and common sense but of course Anglicans appeared in 16-th century and their traditions are very new and easier to be repaired!

1054 -1517

In that period of time happened so called “treugadei” – 1096 call to liberate Jerusalem from Muslims. Three main crusader congregations appeared. St. John Order –Joannites, later in Cyprus, and Malta – Maltan Brothers exist up today as charitable organization, Templiers(defenders of the Temple – cancelled by Luis the Beautiful in 1215). Teutonic Order of St. Mary, in 1226 transferred to Poland. Up 1525 they act as independent Prussian country. In 1525 declare obedience to Polish King but ask permission to convert into Lutheran faith. In 1700 again declare independence. In 1795 participate In destruction of Poland and start persecute Catholics as new state under the name of West Preussen, late part of Germany now Russian territory close to Poland.

Blaming Catholics about wrong doings of Crusaders Protestants have to be very sensitive to that fact: most popular crusaders became Lutherans, Templers inspired Free Masonry etc. It is not only Catholic problem. All of us we are responsible about our own history and wrong doings!!!

Their efforts lasted almost 200 years made partially Christian Lebanon, Cilician - Armenia, etc. 7 times crusaders were fighting with Muslims.

Last time in 1275.

Most crazy crusade was the third “children’s one” which cost lives of some thousands of children and the fourth crusade in 1200 which got as goal not Jerusalem but Constantinople. For 80 years Crusaders were plundering Orthodox city stilling not only earthly treasures but also relics.

These days slowly relics are returned, especially St. Andrew in 1968 which melted hearts of many Orthodox. They got also a gift from Catholics inItalian city Bari shrine of St. Nicolas, very much venerated by Orthodox but also Catholics as so called Santa.

In 13-th century appear many nice congregations like Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites but also Regular Canonics of St. Augustine, congregation which later Martin Luther joined.

Papacy crises happened in 14-th century. Seven popes reside in Avignon.

Defended by French kingunder influence of brave lady Catherine of the Siena they return to Rome.

Another crisis is 100- years old war in France and killing of Joan d’Arc by officials of inquisition.

Inquisition is another shameful thing from Middle Age, but not that big as atheists, Voltairians and communists describe.

It was state institution! Like any country today has ministries of religion, culture or justice controlling religious organizations to avoid crimes and abuses in this kind. Ever it was sensitive matter. Pope permitted Dominicans to be chaplains of Inquisition.

The most shame is Spanish Inquisition with famous Dominican priest Torquemada which was taking revenge on Muslims and Jewish after 7 centuries f occupation. It is known story that these two religions were banished from Spain but some of them wishing to stay were making false genealogies, but hidden meeting still worshipping in Islamic or Jewish way. Torquemada was hunting on these people arresting, torturing in many cases killing but we talk about some hundreds or even thousands of people not millions as suggests atheistic propaganda. We have many cases of justifying people by inquisition.

We regret killing of Joanna and Savonarola, Dominican preacher. We have nothing to complain concerning famous Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei two icons of unbelievers. Bruno was another Dominican priest practicing magic and committing crimes like killing another Dominican in the convent, so please take in mind blaming Catholics that some popular messages of the past have to be carefully revise. Galileo Galilei was really imprisoned all his life but it was domestic arrest in very confortable palace. Galileo was in friendly relationship with actual Pope who promised to Galileo defense of being sentenced to death for his teaching about solar system according polish monk Copernicus.

It was sad story but not such bloody as communists and “Voltairians”- prophets of Enlightenment may describe.


In the time of so called renaissance we realize big emigration from destroyed by Ottoman Turks Byzantine Empire. Architectonic, Philosophic Art and other sciences developed thanks to emigrants such like El Greco!

It is also time of discovering America and other places in Africa, India, Japan.

We have huge missionary movement of Dominicans and Franciscans in these new lands but also new congregations as result of competition with Protestants appear. All participate in this competition but the best are overeducated Jesuits.

Jesuits develop many branches of science spreading knowledge without being paid. Many universities in new world, china also in Russia have Jesuit origin.

They influenced architecture and music which you may realize in beautiful movie: Mission 1986, describing missions in Paraguay.

Reformation in Germany attracts 80 % of population but only 50% were permitted to become Lutherans. After long bloody campaign Lords of 80 German lands agree to accept quota: QUIUS REGIO EIUS RELIGIO. Meaning not the people but the prince have to decide which of two catholic or Lutheran confessions have to lead in this province. Most Catholics live up today in south Bayern and north Rheine. Most of Lutherans in East Germany and East Preussen as mentioned before.

Catholics disciplined themselves in Trident Council.

All candidates to priesthood were obliged to study 6 years in seminary after high school. This strong rule is actual up today.

Council obliged priests to teach candidates to get first confessionand communion to pass exam of Catechism. Similar norms were applied before getting sacraments of Confirmation and Christian Marriage.

Appearance of so called Enlightenment is something new in the church story and start new persecutions on the state level inspired by unbelieving revolutionaries in France 1789. Many churches destroyed, all of the nationalized up today, people permitted to divorce, law accepted in 1818 by Bolivar and his followers in south America but also in Mexico.

Similarmeasures were accepted by North American masonic governments and most of European countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy later Germany and Russia. They introduced all these wrong teachings to Poland and many other Slavic countries in Europe. In colonial days of 19-th century these waves reached Africa, Asia but also Oceania.

Thanks God Vatican was not sleeping and slowly finding ways to continue own mission without support of governors. Slowly we return to the conditions from the beginning of Christianity.


Some of ways of defense were described in writings and doings of Camil de Lelis (Camilian hospitals for mortally sick especially lepers), Juan de Deo (Bonifrater Brothers), of Vincent a Paolo founder of Charity Sisters working in hospitals, Francis de Sales (Philotea), Ignatius Loyola(Spiritual Exercises), Frederic Onazam father of Catholic charities.

Very famous spiritual father Jean Marie D’Ars made spiritual revolution in France.

Teresa from Avila and Juan de Avila in Spain.Beloved saints of John Paul II.

Same time in 19-th century my native Poland stop exiting but spiritual renewal happens thanks to poet Mickiewicz, Fr. Janski and Semenenko. They organize congregation of Resurrection Fathers which start missions in Texas, Chicago and Balkan countries.

Renewal happens with new wave of veneration of Holy Mary in Mexico – Guadalupe 10 million of Indians baptized, in Peru – St. Martin Porres first canonized afro American and Rosa de Lima. Both of them were wonderful charity workers. Peter Claver in Colombia was excellent defender of Afro-Americans and Indians.

1854 pope proclaims dogma about Immaculate Conception the truth known but ignored by both Protestant and Orthodox.

Apparitions in France 1858, city Lourdes place which attract every year 4 million sick people very welcomed in the places having many centers of spiritual and physical support.

1871 first Vatican council – after destruction of Vatican state by Garibaldi bishops of Catholic dioceses proclaim dogma about Ineffability of the Pope in theological matters proclaimed solemn way.

This dogma makes sad many protestants and Orthodox but it is self-defense of the church which is about to be destructed by revolutions.

Both communists and Muslims make jokes about making horse stables in Vatican and so on.

Church encourages people to pray more and more involving Holy Mary by praying Rosary. This encouragement was in Lourdes but later on in Fatima and many other places surprisingly out of support of pharaohs and Caesars Catholic church is spreading to Africa andOceania.

It was the time when 30% of Africans start converting into Catholic Church. Similar number of people accepted Catholic faith in PNG thanks to missionary people from France, Holland, Germany, later USA, even from Poland.

Marist Fathers, Verbists, Capuchins, Salezians, Missionaries of Holy Family but first of all Missionaries of Sacred Heart to whom Vatican offered these missions as a special duty. Such diversity of gifts, charismas may exist only in universal church but not in self-made village sect. Let people try to study a little about all these congregations to understand the beauty and diversity inside Catholic Church making missions in so many different ways. But now some uneducated people with brainwashed heads come into this harvest confusing people and spreading wrong fruits of anger and misunderstanding.

Wake up Catholics! Do not be sleepy when somebody destroys so wonderfully made garden!

Another new people here are diocesan priests as me, all of them are present in Papua. This is the good fruit of celibacy. They are free to do so without confusing wives and children. Can you understand? It is the question of Jesus Christ himself…

Just in that difficult time of new persecutions and schisms.

Some bishops in Holland and USA proclaim themselves Old-Catholics with center in city Utrecht. They produce new legitimate bishops and priest out of obedience to Vatican.

1871- 2014

Many things happen in the second part of 19-th century.

They happen especially in Protestant world.

Many Pentecostalsappear Mormons, Adventist and Jehovah Whiteness. As new organizations they feel obliged to be zealous, overactive proposing again and again new discoveries which as we know are old as Christianity: soon end of the world, veneration of Sabbath and anti-Trinitarian teachings.

More and more people read the bible and wish to be preachers as fast possible without getting education. Sadly same time come back magic, witchcraft, voodoo, new age, scientism and new wave of revolutions spread by both communists and Nazi.

Being sarcastic cynic people having no rules these people commit horrible crimes. Under their influence but also youth sub-culture of 60-ties appear many witches and Satanists.

We really do not know in which direction it leads.

Russia proclaimed free abortions in 1921 as the first country in the world.

It is something which 3 children in Portugal village Fatima foretold 13-th of May 1917. They said about killing innocent including priests and bishops.

Two world wars and Revolution in Russia and in China, in Vietnam and Korea, occupation by Russian troops many free European counties for long period 45 years deciding their future by using force in Budapest 1956, in Prague 1968. But the most tragic was that they persecute the church in those countries leading people in their own country to total spiritual sterilization and something similar around!

Beatles and others encourage youths to practice sex out of marriages and drug narcotics. Sub culture spread elsewhere up today!

USA permit abortions in 1973, China permits to have “only one baby”, Bill Gates offers to abortionists 2 billion dollars support Mr. Obama proclaim gays and lesbians as best suns of the nation, Mr. Putin proclaims restoration of evil Soviet Union and cold war again annexing same way and stile Crimea like Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, Mr. Castro still alive inspiring new generations of communists, the same in North Korea.

What happens I Muslim countries all of us feel and see.

Christians really need to be united, to come back home under one leadership like in the times of first Christians or times of Leo the Great the first ideology of United Christianity.

The Pope, who defended Rome from being attacked by Vandals and Hungarian warrior Attila in 5-th century.

Please consider my brother Catholic, consider my brother orthodox and Protestant.

Many, many feelings and sentiments we may have in our brains.

I was not trying to wash your brains. It is not good trick in preaching.

But after so many sad stories, please relax.

I will tell you something which obligatory will make you smile.

Sad Christian is none Christian.

So please read the final part.

Just Relax

Possibly you know my funny stories but it will nothing wrong happen if we smile together a little fooling the devil which is tricking us daily making us sad, closed to each other. In fact we smile the same way from the same spiritual more less situation so let us start smiling:

Protestant heaven

It happened surprisingly one unbeliever came into heaven and St. Peter was showing him the Kingdom. In one big room Gregorian music and organs played in full sound. This is Catholic Paradise said St. Peter with deep satisfaction.

Another big room was full of incense, candles but also byzantine choirs. People dressed in antic style. Gold silver and pearls decorate all the uniforms and even the walls of the rooms. This is Orthodox Paradise said St. Peter. Are you sad with them asked unbeliever looking on St. Peters face. Of course, it is so nice place, but they do not permit me the entrance. My brother Andrew is giving me reports time to time when they have liturgy and do not know he may be absent behind the icons.

In the third big room which was like a library people were sitting in silence reading the Bible and preparing evening worshipping. It will be soon big noise here said St. Peter whispering.

“Why are you conspiring in their presence?”

“Oh you know they look so happy thinking that only they are in Paradise. I do not wish to disturb their convenience and joy. They even think that me and Holy Mary are out of Paradise.”

“So now let us visit the paradise of unbelievers” - said St. Paul and opened the doors of the Hell.

Penance for St. Peter

Pope, Russian Patriarch and most famous preacher from American mega church came to have discussion and last instructions with St. Peter before the last judgment.

After few minutes the Pope came out with sad face telling: 1000 years in purgatory. I was not following the Bible, not welcoming Protestants and Orthodox. I was not good Shepherd of all the Christians.

10 minutes later Patriarch came with sad face telling:

I spend too much time with the politicians, I was having to many cars and Swiss watches, to many dachas and to small pastoral gatherings with my ship. 2000 years in purgatory. Pity I will be alone for 1000 years. Do not worries there is Protestant in the line said the Pope from the doors of “sad place”.

Protestant came 10 minutes, 20 minutes, after half hours St. Peter leave the place with red face crying. 3000 years of purgatory, this stupid pastor said I was wrong writing my letters. He said one letter have to be cancelled from New Testament, But it was the only thing I was able to say. Why he cancelled that small talk of mine?”

Important driver

The driver of the Pope just married was few days very sleepy coming to his working place. Pope realized that his wife has to be really pretty so poor boy cannot sleep in the night.

“Let me drive today said the Pope” and the boy agree, he had no choice. He really wished to sleep. Pope was not driving for long time so his leg was really heavy and the speed was overwhelming. He starts recalling his early priesthood, how much he was hurry to meet his first parishioners. It was like meeting beloved spouse.

Same time one policeman realized that the speed of the driver is very risky but didn’t stop the car. His friend older policeman realized wrong situation and asked “Why you do not stopped and punished this stupid driver?”

“I can’t because it was very respectful person inside”

“How much respectful” – asked the boss.

“I do not know how much respectful, but his driver was a Pope!”

St. Peters ring

Pius X-th was very proud of his St. Peters ring. He also loved very much his simple mother who gave birth to 24 children. Her husband simple postman died and she go invitation to live in Vatican. She spend much time talking to the sun during eating supper so once pope start boasting showing the ring and telling: “Mama, you ever could imagine that your sun may have such a ring?”.

“Never, but look my sun”, she said showing her poor matrimonial ring:

”Without my iron ring your golden ring will never find place on your finger!”

Why I became priest

My first brother fell in love in the village tweens and next year after getting married the couple gave birth to the tweens.

My second brother fined girlfriend in the village Three Rivers.

They get married and after one year they gave birth to 3 sweet children.

My girlfriend was from the village Thousand Stars. I was considering if I could raise so many children and I gave up

.I became unmarried priest. Anyway I was unable to escape good fortune.

As a priest I really have 1000 children to feed on the Sunday Mass.

Three sons of Rabbi

Rabbi was having three small babies. All of them were boys. In the first birthday he prepared nice table with three gifts: Bible, sac with money and bottle of wine.

He wished to imagine their future by their choices.

The first one took the Bible.

“Good choice sun – possibly you will become Rabbi as me” – said the man to the boy.

The second boy took the many so glad Rabbi said the same:

“Good choice my sun – possibly you will become businessman and we will never be poor” said the Father.

The third one was not having choice at all but he was very smart. He took the bottle, stole steeled from one brother the money and even the Bible from the other.

”Bad fortune” start crying Rabbi.

This one will be Catholic priest for sure!

Priests fishing

Four married ministers were fishing and sharing problems far away from their wives.

“I have to confess you brothers my deep trouble – I cannot share this with my wife, but sometime I am misusing alcohol in loneliness. Please prey I may repent.”

“I have to confess you brothers my deep trouble” – said he second minister.

“ I also am shy to share this with my wife, but sometime I am misusing cigarettes in loneliness. Please prey I may repent.”

“I have to confess you brothers my deep trouble – said the third one

“I cannot tell my wife, same as both of you but sometime I am gambling in loneliness. Please prey I may repent.”

Everybody get satisfaction by sharing their problems. Never mind they were unsuccessful fishing. The soul is the most important.

“”What about you” – they asked the fourth friend, but they realized he was far away hurry going home.

“Please pray for me” he cried from the distance.

“My worse addiction is gossiping with my wife and today I cannot fish any more. I need to talk to her so much. May God help me to repent!”

My son wake up and go to the church

“Wake up sun – is time to go to the church”

“Mama please not today”

“Why sun” – asked mama

“They hate me, they sleep in the church snoring and they smell like pigs. These are three reasons why I can’t. So give me one reason that I may go there.”

“The reason my sun is, that all the priests have the mass in Sunday and you are parish priest here!”

Just last temptation

Satan realizes that one zealous monk is daily praying that he may never fall down in temptation.

“OK, I will never tempt you said Satan to him during unexpected visit”.

“Thank you so much – my Lord start talking priest”.

“Stop talking” – Satan said.

“You will talk after fulfilling my condition”

“What kind of conditions” asked curious monk?

“You have to commit the only little crime”.

“what kind of little crime I have to commit” – asked the monk.

“Kill, steel or drink much alcohol”!

“Killing and steeling is against 10 commandments, but about drinking alcohols Moses is saying nothing” realized poor monk and agree to go and drink.

He got drunken and same time beautiful woman came and unwillingly he start flirting. Same moment husband of the lady appeared complaining but drunked man shuted on him he empty bottle so strange way that the man fall down on the flour bleeding and dying. Satan never appeared again, but poor monk spend the rest of his life in jail.

Sabbath in Jerusalem

Three priests were arguing the best way of praising God.

“I was in the sheep like Titanic, same size, same quality, same situation and even similar iceberg was swimming in our direction” – said Catholic priest.

“I encouraged people to pray Divine Mercy chaplet of sister Faustina and iceberg turned back. We came safe home” – said zealous man.

“No, it is very old way of worshipping” - said Protestant.

”I was flying many hours in the aircraft and we were many times in the turbulence. Every time when turbulence started I just said Amen – Halleluiah – praised be Jesus! and the aircraft become stabile and safe” – said the pastor very proud of his discovery.

“You are deeply wrong! said Rabbi

”I was visiting Jerusalem in Sabbath. I was close to the Wall of Cry and unfortunately close to my legs were 100 dollars disturbing deeply my prayer. I cannot take them out because of Sabbath, so I started jumping and praising God by my body thinking only one thing: please God change calendar! You may not believe, but it happened. Right side Sabbath, left side Sabbath, but behind my legs, just close to my legs, black whole of time, very clear I see the Thursday around 100 dollars, so I took them to my pocket. This is the power of prayer!” – said Rabbi very proud of himself.

Mama do not disturb

Jesus was drawing n the sand and some people were leaving the stones and leaving the place. Only one small stone touched the body of street women without any pain.

“Mama it is none of your business” – said Jesus.

“But you’ve just said: who have none sin please bring on her! I ever obey your words” – answered Mary to the son.

Good husbands

“The discipline in paradise is very bad” - said St. Peter on extreme meeting for male saints.

“If you really were good husbands and your wives were obeying you go on right side, but if you were fallowing instructions of wives you have to go on left side” – said Peter to them.

All of the man choose left side of paradise except one who was looking lonely and undecided.

“Are you sure man, that you chose proper side” – asked Peter.

”I am not sure, but my wife said to me that I have to choose that way!”


About Purgatory

We believe in time of expecting for the last judgment for the people who were not fully dedicated to God. It is why we share each other: we here our faith with people in purgatory, they need our help and people in heaven they do not need nothing from us but we may need their intercession. So our belief in relationship with saints, but also with souls being on the way to heaven is expressed by visiting cemeteries in Easter time (mostly Orthodox and Catholics of byzantine tradition).

It is the reason why we have so deep respect to the cemeteries and memories our beloved ones. We believe it is always act of Mercy and compassion. Even Jesus Christ visited grave of Lazarus and cried there. Friends of Jesus also visited grave of Jesus and they do this up today. Visiting graves has long biblical tradition. Prayer offered for souls in the purgatory is mentioned in Maccabean book of Old Testament. Even collection of money from priests in the Temple is described. Unfortunately Martin Luther resigned of translating this book and it influences much different understanding of funeral in Catholic and Protestant traditions. Without specific gathering during these visits we will be wasting time. In other case visiting cemetery will have no sense. It will be not religious but only ethnic, cultural activity.

Father of Italian modern language and poetry Dante Alighieri describes Hell, Purgatory and Heaven as parallel reality to ours where we may meet many people from our past. He was there only with one goal to meet his beloved Beatrice.

All the people in Europe respect very much this book. It was inspiring many artists, painters but also theologians.

About Papacy

Pope as I told before is successor of St. Peter in prime line, one by one. We know all their names, but also we have all their graves in on place in underground of Vatican Cathedral. I was visiting Vatican City 3 times in my life ever touched by visiting these graves and seeing the stone from Peter’s grave which is under main altar in Vatican. By the way, the word “Cathedral” in Latin language means simply the chair. Sitting in small chair of Peter his successors were proclaiming some substantial messages. Up today authority of Peter’s successors is applied only sometimes in deep matters of theology. We say: Pope said something “ex cathedra”, means sitting in the chair of Peter!

22-nd of February we celebrate special feast of Peters Chair, praising God for the gift of Unity in the church. Peters chair is symbolizing!

We are proud of 36 of them which were martyrs, all the first 36 Popes. It is something which we have to know and contemplate, how brave people they were, knowing that accepting this dignity obligatory leads to tragedy… 270 bishops in Rome were representing the same teaching with authority fighting with mistakes of so many irresponsible preachers.

Other churches do not have such instrument as final authority of highest superior which may say for sure it is wrong it is Ok. All the churches badly need such mediator, not to be divided more and more.

That very special missionto defend the church from devil was given to Peter and his successors by Jesus in Mt 16, 16 in symbol of the keys which is official symbol of Vatican. We agree of course that some of the Popes were uneducated proud men, but none of them was preaching against Christ or proclaiming false teaching. We are lucky to have in XX century many Holy and dedicated Popes which influenced even the world of politics especially in the times of John 23 who stopped Khrushchov and catholic president of USA JFK Kennedy from making nuclear war in Cuba. His contribution in peace in the world is under discussion. Many people believe that same influence on Russian leader Gorbachev and American Ronal Reagan was having John Paul II-nd who encouraged them to stop cold war and destroy so called Berliner wall giving freedom to East Germany and other countries including Poland!. One of old titles of the pope was slave of the slaves, meaning the same weak like the others but also Pontifex Maximus, which means the constructor of bridges between conflicted sides: peacemaker!

We badly need peacemakers with authority these days. Pope Francis is the last in this respectful dynasty of peacemakers. He is really doing good job with simple ways living in the house of St. Martha with poor homeless people, dressing old shoes and trousers he took from native Argentina. Journalists discovered, that he never had residence or car in Argentina even being cardinal traveled by public transport sometime in the night visiting remote slums districts to know something about draggers and people of that kind.

About Celibacy

Jesus describes dignity of celibacy by his own choice not to be married and calling other apostles to leave their families and follow him. We have non information about Apostles wives following Jesus, contrary, Peter testify asking Jesus, what gratitude we may get for leaving our houses and families. Jesus is answering if you do this for the kingdom you may get hundred more houses, brothers sisters, mothers, fathers etc. We really experience that grace of having spiritual children but also mamas and papas in any country we visit as missionaries being free to decide going any distance far away in my personal case something like 15.000 km from native Poland. Somebody trained in different Christian tradition may hardly understand how much precious are unmarried priests for theirparishioners. Myself I got vocation to the priesthood as 10 years old boy after long period of preparation to first confession, communion. As a gift for that ceremony I got book of Teresa Weysenhoff about Jesuit priest Joseph Bejzym who decided to work in Madagaskar being 49 years old. It is close to my age. I may easily understand that man what he was experiencing in tropical places! Man trained to live in cold climat. I was having cooked hand for more than month after coming to PNG, but it is really nothing taking in mind how much people love us and accept knowing our sacrifices.

Except the book given me by catechist priest Fr. Adam I met on my way dozen of priests including Juan Skowronski missionary priest from Argentina talking nicely about priesthood. I never met on my way stupid pedophiles which so many journalists describe with deep pleasure. It is a pity that they are so blind unwilling to describe holy ones. In the number of 500.000(half a million of ordained priests ). If you wish to find something negative about Catholic priests in such a huge number of people, obligatory you may find few renegades like Jude Iscariot, but most of the others are really fathers ready to help in any spiritual even material need, because being unmarried they really need nothing and spared everything they have to the needy.

Y the way try to separate half a million of journalists and try to guess how many of them are really dedicated and righteous man!!! How many stupid betrayers looking for money and pleasure by any mean! Also they try to be rich by discovering bad sides of the church, just to get more money using these tragedies for their own pleasures, but not for searching the truth in the faith.

This is my background and knowledge about the priest and I am hardly trying to copy that example. If you have different experience of priesthood I deeply regret.

Some people argue that celibacy disturbs priests to understand other people, but all of us we have mamas and papas, our brothers and sisters talk to us more than to others about hidden agenda of matrimonial life. We may be ever helpful. In seminary we have classes about sexuality. During confession we may got to know something wife or husband is shy to tell own spouse, so we may be wonderful mediators and we are. As more priests encourage couples to be faithful to one person as we try to be faithful to Jesus as better. Saint Paul encourage bishops and deacons to be good fathers and husbands, not drinkers, but it was said just because most of man were polygamists these days so having one wife they were unique and special. Having none they were more and more expected witnesses of Jesus generous gift of celibacy, so please who can understand try to understand, but do not make fun from us, because it is real and painful sacrifice. Not surprise that some of us betray and loose gift of vocation in conditions of so strict policy. Some of us play celibacy looking for earthly pleasures but again such Pharisees are easy to recognize just hearing them preaching. It is my personal concern. If I cannot follow celibacy, I cannot preach, something block my mouth!

About Money

Of course church needs money. Mother Teresa from Calcutta was begging daily at the beginning for her poor dying orphans, but also for herself. Afterwards getting Nobel Price she got really big money to open new charitable projects, but she ever told that it is not the most important.

I saw Calcutta her houses my own eyes. Everything is very simple. 5000 sisters in the entire world live under same rule: wake up 4.30 same hours eat, pray and go to the city helping the poor. All of them stay home in Thursday for collecting power by praying more, all of them visit parents only once in 10 years. Funerals they have many but not attend funerals of own relatives, they never eat with the rich but also do not eat with poor to cause problems, and they ever eat home simple food like the poor. Praying mass for sisters in Uzbekistan daily during 5 years I was always getting breakfast made from bread and two eggs. Sisters told me that even Muslims come and give much food, dress and money for the needy so sisters just spread.

All the religious people in Catholic Church give 3 vows: chastity, poverty and obedience. They do not have own properties except dress. Even having cars and houses according the law they belong to congregation and decision how to use them belongs to superiors. Other members humbly ask permission to use this or other thing to go here or there. With freedom in heart we make this sacrifice to better serve the church and cheaper, most effectively. Of course even in monasteries people may lie superiors, but such person is losing identity and success in preaching. I experienced it many times on myself. Without confession we cannot continue our mission.

About personal confession

Jesus encouraged Apostles to absolve the sins, same St. James in his letter. This power was given to Apostles and they decided from the very beginning that the best way to reconcile is face to face. During our lives we hear so many confessions we see so many faces that we cannot recognize who and what was saying, but any way presence of priest make the sinner to be more serious and concrete in his words, it really helps even it may be painful. Sometime it pain like visit in dentist office, unfortunately may give pain to both priest and sinner, just because spending ours and hearing all the same it is so boring and painful, but sometime sinner come with such a big pain that you got joy looking how much he regrets and realizing miraculous change in his heart.

I was surprised twice in my life both times by my papa. Mama never asked me. She always confessed to other priests, but visiting me in 1993 in Russia in Easter time in public place papa fall down on his knees asking forgiveness. Many people present start crying looking on that picture. I was another one who cried. I was confessing second time my papa when he was dying, but because day of getting my new parish in Ukraine in 2003 was close bye I was unable to participate in funeral ceremonies just like sisters from Calcutta, just as in the Gospel. Some of our catholic traditions may sound rude, but it was Jesus himself saying that I didn’t came to give peace but fire on the world and may stand papa against son and mama against daughter. If you didn’t hate you mother and Father you are not worthy to go to the Kingdom. Of cause rude, of cause exaggeration, but it is Jesus himself saying that. Masters of using literal interpretation of the bible come on help me to understand these passages. As I told before in our tradition Bible have to be preached as whole integral thing but not short quotations which may confuse us and our spiritual sons and daughters…

About Sabbath

SDA prefer to worship Sabbath. OK it is their choice, but let me tell you that first Christians who preserved the Bible for us and gave us many customs different than Old TestamentJewish ones were changing customs with apostolic blessing!

Peter and Paul permitted us to eat pork and another forbidden but tasty things. They encouraged us to dress differently than Old Testament says and all of you Adventists follow theseNew Testament permissions even permission not to be circumcised! If you care so much about Sabbath why do you people not dress like Jews, eat like Jews and not circumcise like Jews. For them up today all these Old Testament things are more important than commandments.

Why you people, many of you use mobiles, radio, computers and TV?

Following literary the old testament you never can use cars boats with engine or PMV. Jesus healing people in Sabbath was having very bad time with Pharisees which were always complaining. So Jesus answered them: SABBATH IS FOR MAN BUT NOT MAN FOR SABBATH.

Let me tell you: “do not lose your time playing role of Pharisees. It is not nice in our times”.

About the Bible

About loving the Bible none Protestant can blame us because we are the only church together with Orthodox who preserved whole biblical cannon of 75 books 1500 years before Protestants appeared on this earth. We were making translations into Latin, into Armenian, Georgian, Slavic etc. All these translations were copied by hands during centuries in monasteries. It was really difficult job.

In most catholic houses we have the bible but we read and preach musty in the church giving the people freedom reading more or less. Reading the bible cannot look like play or washing brain. We read Bible as whole looking for common sense but not spacy quotations to impress and to make spectacle of emotions…

About Tetragram

Witness of Jehovah, are masters of converting Christians back to the Old Testament loosing taste in New Testament. Same as Adventists, they promise to us that we may experience very soon the end of the world. First time we were expecting the end something like 1848, later in 1860, 1880, 1900 etc!, Always people was telling us that something wrong happened in the way of counting, but same time people attending these preaching were offering big money to Adventist church to “please God and to be in heaven”. These donations were never returned. Similarways behave Witness of Jehovah. Yes time to time they lose believers, but selling new prophesies they easily find new naïve adept.

It is the way these people look from a distance. I will be happy if somebody explain me something more joyfulabout millenaristic nature of these two “Armageddon organizations”. Jesus himself many times was telling that only God the Father knows the date of the end. Not Hellen White, not brothers Miller or Mr. Russell from Watch Tower.

We people cannot know these kind of things. WE ARE NOT GODS, TO NOW IT. But satan was advising Adam and Eve to taste from the tree of KNOWLEDGE!!!

I guess some people up today experience similar temptation when they visit witches and magicians promising to tell the future. It is good job for gipsy or voodoo, but not for Christians!


NAME OF GOD IS NOT TO PLAY DAILY. JEWISH NATION WAS PROUNONCING THIS NAME ONCE A YEAR IN EASTER TIME. EVERYBODY WAS HIDDING FACES AFRAID THET THE SOUND OF THIS WORD MAY KILL THEM, so be careful, not to experience same fear after using name of God in vain. To not doing so Jewish discovered additional words like: ELOHIN, ADONAI, SABBAOTH, so you may call you easily Witness of Adonai, or Withness of Elohin. It will be better for you in last day which you so badly expect!.

About Holy Mary

Holy Mary has to be respected according the Bible by definition.

She was promised and described in 3-rd chapter of Genesis and 8-9-th chapter of Isaiah

In all the 4 gospels she is described as virgin and only virgin in all the history fulfilled by the Holy Spirit that much to be mother of God. Keep watch brothers Pentecostals, you cannot experience such a grace. You may only look on Mary and dream about something similar but it will not happen!

She was the onlyperson whose heart was nailed according prophecy of Simeon. There is nothing to be ignored in this prophesy. Please preach about it. I never met you preaching such topics. She was the one who inspired Jesus to change water in wine, is it rubbish for you?

She was keeping all the words of Jesus in her heart! May you tell something like that about yourself? ALL THE WORDS OF JESUS!!

What a beautiful example to educate the children about keeping words of Jesus. What about are you talking with children when you minimize role of mam the best mama of all the mothers in the world: mama of Jesus.

She was with him under the cross given last will of Jesus saying “Mother it is your son, son it is your mother”. Jesus asked Mary to adopt beloved disciple. He gave her his own duty caring about apostles; apostles are the founders of the church Mary is their adopted mom, easy to use logic thinking to call her MOTHER OF THE CHURCH. Why you never call her this way. IT WAS LAST WILL OF JESUS. DYING HE CREATED HIS OWN CHURCH ANGAGING MARY IN THIS JOB AS CORNERSTONE.

Your church will be ever failing without Peter and Mary. Sorry brothers Pentecostals, but you are building on the sand but not on the rock!

Attention to Holy Mary may make of you legitimate Christians. You may find peace with her but without her you will feel always like orphans. By the way Martin Luther was an author of many songs which praise Holy Mary!

Christianity gives back dignity to all the women ignored in Old Testament. This exchange started with Holy Mary and her role she silently played close to Jesus always.

Let us recall brothers Pentecostals: Mary was the only woman in cenacle during Pentecost day. She also got again plenty of gifts of Holy Spirit.


Once travelling in Trans-Siberian train two days and hours I was talking to my parishioners all the time same Christian stories, so when I realized the lady travelling with us sitting on the same chair look tired I apologized, but she kindly answered:

“It is ok talking about Christ. Please imagine f I travel together with two gynecologists. What about they may talk all the way…”

There are many other interesting things to be described, but if I will answer today all the doubts and questions what about will we talk next time.

Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me power, inspiration and persistence in writing all these stories. I couldn’t make it myself. Never.

Thank you Brother Walter from Nuk Village in West New Britain, PNG because you inspired me to make this booklet.

The fruit of reconciliation is always sweet!

Thank you for your kind attention.

God bless! - Fr. Yarek from Poland