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Report about Apparitions in Sasavoru

December 24, 2008

Recently – during my monthly patrol in villages around sasavoru mission - I got a talk to mr. Raphael, father of visionnary Joyline, resident from Mia village, born at Moputu, now village with majority population declaring SDA.

Mr. Raphael is not practicing Christian. His own brother is SDA pastor, wife who passed away in age 37 was declared SDA too – native from Somalani island with strong SDA majority, same as mother of Joyline – vissionary. After mama died papa got married second time and moved to Moputu visionnary was adopted by SDA ounties.

Message about vissions inicially studied by parish priest father Alois Kaumu and reported to some church authorities due to many exchanges in Sasavoru parish and periods when parish was abandonned by priests was neglected and forgotten.

Because of 3 prived talks of mine to Mr. Raphael and encouragement given by Legio Maria to whole population of the village people made big groto to commemorate apparitions and wish to put back “talking statue” in original place in grotto 11-th february 2015. Mr. Raphael recently moved back from Moputu to the village Mia and took the baby Joyline (now 12 years old).

Message of Mr. Raphael in short is as follows:

Morning 24-th December 2008 Joyline visited Catholic grotto and talked to the statue. She was doing it before so parents forbide her as SDA to follow Catholic devotion. Surprisingly that very day statue was answering to Joyline and her mother was hearing the voice. Father was hearing nothing but because that Christmas Eve familly was poor and hangry Raphael was curious to check if promiss of Mother Mary can change their situation. Statue was urging Joyline to encorege papa by fishing that day and catching plenty fish plus money. Surprisingly promiss of lady was true. Raphael got full boat of fish close to island Poi. He was very happy and shared the cash vith people from neighbour villages, from Silovuti, Sasavoru, Poi and Mia. Most surprising was that he found money too as promissed. In his net was a coat with inscription: “Vunapopr Catholic school”. Raphael checked pockets of the coat. Tho of them were empty. Pocket number three was full of money. In the little portmone he discovered 55 kina in 11 banknotes, all money 5 kina.

Of course 55 kina is not a treasure but for poor and hungry familly it was something.

As result of apparitions mama of Joyline visited her relatives in Somalani and she was encouriging all relatives to come back to Catholic faith and to venerate Holy Mary. She was doing it persistently but surprisingly she got stomac problems and in age 37 she died. As I told before her husband got married again and did not make effort to clarify the deep meaning of the story which happened to his daughter.

Please contemplate the story and help to clarify if the nature of what happened is from human or God origin. All the actors of the story are not interested to make it popular.

Talking to me 12-year Joyline, very shy and humble girl was answering all my questions (if she saw and talked to Marias statue) by saying “yes” and crying. She remember all what happened but during my talk to her 28-th December to much SDA was present to make nice talk.

I hope it may happen in Mia on February 11, 2015.

Parish priest at Sasavoru, fr. Jaroslaw (Yarek) Wisniewski