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An open letter to benefactors...

Thank You all for the many letters that came to my inbox from Christmas to the Most Holy Trinity...
Just is passing the 26th anniversary my ordination. On this anniversary fate treated me unplanned holidays. I have been in the Solomon Islands for over a month…without internet, unfortunately, because I live in a seminary which is located in the suburbs with no radius. I had some lectures “as substitute” there. And I`m sought - after by the parishes “as countryman of St. Faustyna and John Paul II”. The Holy Father visited here 33 years ago and they still remember him.
I mentioned – unexpected holiday.
The Diocese of Kimbe in Papua didn`t extend my visa on time.
Our Bishop William Fey is very ill and almost absent. He had a cerebral hameorrhage in December and made him trepanation…Made a mess. Even though I was assured, that everything would be okay, however, 2 days before the expiry of my visa, they began feverishly to look for a ticket to Poland or another country, where you don`t need a visa. And I will be able to wait for a new visa to Papua.
There weren`t tickets to Poland. I am waiting next door. I am not idle.
I wrote 150 controversial, perhaps, but heartfelt poems.
If you have a knife on your throat, writing helps…Like that was 11 years ago in China and like that is now.
These are my reflections on Saints, about Poland and the whole world.
“Higgledy - piggledy”, but maybe something ”will hit it off” with someone.

About “teddies and other toys” charity event – it works great.
We managed to distribute everything just before the visa adventure.
The gifts caused great emotion. When I was given away to children there was a hullabaloo – almost a war. I changed my tactics and I invited mums to receive, especially mums of babies. But here also was the fight for the dolls. The coolest thing that happened to me – this is the mysterious attitude of fathers. When I handed the case over to them, there was no war…Everything looked dignified and gentlemen – who didn`t go to the church every year – at last started to get for dolls for their children. I made this invention on St. Joseph`. Because my new parish in Walupai named St. Joseph`. I am going to come back in three weeks.
About the visa…such a grey missionary reality. Horrible corruption and bureaucracy. And the Solomon Islands are a fairytale country without visas for us, Europeans. Australia and the USA must have them. Nice, right?
I am not the first victim of these visa traps on missions. I already have behind me something similar in Russia.
Nevertheless, I fight and already have a return ticket for July 7. Therefore the charity action will last, with or without me. This is a quality of beautiful ideas that they can defend themselves.
Archbishop Krzysztof graciously admitted me to the internet. Solomon Islands are a country very similar to Papua but a lot smaller and much more pleasant. Crime is minimal compared to PNG.
Please, greet anyone you can.

Fr. Jarek
P.S. A strange feeling to read the top letters after 7 months.

I hope you also got the top paper letters from Papua. I tried to reply to everyone who sent packages. Sometimes it was impossible because the address was unreadable…If so, I`m sorry. I would like to add additional Internet Thank you and encourage for popularize this matter. Let it continue.
I am asking you also for used devotional articles. People ask and enjoy every little thing. Because what in Poland you can be found on every church fairs and in every parish shop – for us it is not available even in the diocese…Grandmothers still reprimand mi for that I have toys for children but I haven`t rosaries and pictures for grandfathers. This is the most interesting comment from them…

(This letter was translated amateurishly by the volunteer to popularize the matter “Gifts for Papua”)